Kerry runs into Dan’s estranged brother Daz

Kerry spots Dan's brother Daz, who's homeless, arriving in the village and takes him under her wing

*Second episode*

Kerry’s no stranger to the plight of the homeless. She’s lived on the streets herself. Currently on a mission to improve local homeless people’s lives, she runs into Dan’s estranged brother Daz, who sleeps rough, while she’s been out and about. Kerry’s stunned when she spots Daz arriving in the village on Harriet’s bus.

Although her brother-in-law tries to hide from view, Kerry bowls over to Daz and tries to persuade him to come to the salon to get washed and brushed up – and to sleep…

Robert rolls out a plan to try to stop Lawrence’s blood test results from seeing the light of day. How’s he going to try to intercept them? And will his efforts pay off?

Pollard invites Faith out to dinner, but his date isn’t too impressed when he tells her they’re going by bus. Smooth moves, Pollard!