Emmerdale spoilers! Kerry Spencer tries to stop Daz Spencer from leaving

Kerry Spencer tries to stop Daz from leaving the village

Kerry Spencer wishes she could unhear the secret her brother-in-law Daz Spencer has told her. She can’t, of course, but what she can do is get him to tell his brother the truth. Or at least try to get him to tell Dan the truth. Daz (Mark Jordon) isn’t up for it though and decides to scarper. Bag packed, Daz is leaving when he bumps into his girlfriend Bernice. Thinking she’s the reason he wants to go, Bernice is upset. Can Daz reassure her – and can Kerry (Laura Norton) salvage the situation?

The Bails’ mess gets messier when Vanessa learns her sister Tracy has got a thing for the dodgy cop.

Rishi ropes in Frank to help him out on a date. The plan is for ladies-man Frank to feed Rishi some good old lines while he’s on his date via a bluetooth headset. But when Megan catches her boyfriend acting all shifty and whispery, she assumes the worst of Frank who’s got form for being a cheat…