Dan’s dead chuffed as he’s bought a tandem for him and Kerry so they can exercise together. But will the smile get wiped off his face when he finds her tucking in to a ton of sweets with Amelia?

Paddy struggles to hide a huge sigh of relief when Rhona tells him Tess is no longer Leo’s teaching assistant. But when he seeks out Tess to talk about it, the vet doesn’t realise Rhona is in earshot as they talk about their fling! Has Rhona heard their incriminating conversation?

Harriet knows there’s something up with Ashley so when she spies him giving Laurel loads of attention at a meeting about the village hall, she’s gutted. Worried about what is going on in their relationship, she’s jumping to all sorts of conclusions. Having hidden the fact that he’s experiencing serious, debilitating memory problems, Ashley’s given the funds for the hall repairs. But instead of taking them to the bank, the distracted vicar bungs them in a drawer…