Well, Kerry’s had her one night at the B&B, but she wants more; she wants to spend the day with Amy. Thinking they need some neutral territory, Amy takes her mum to the cafe. But Kerry’s not really a cake and coffee kind of mum, she’s more your pint and pie woman. So they quickly end up in The Woolpack. And guess who’s propping up the bar? Cain! The father of Amy’s baby! Kerry doesn’t know that when she tries her, er, charms on Cain, but a horrified Amy quickly fills her in. So, now Kerry’s up to date with her daughter’s life she can go. But that’s not really what Amy wants. She wants to give her mum a second chance – and Kerry takes it. She’s staying.

Marlon’s staying in Emmerdale, but no one – especially Paddy and Rhona – knows he’s staying because he and Laurel are head over heels in love. They should be so happy, but all Marlon can think about is that Paddy and Rhona are taking his son, Leo, to New Zealand – and he doesn’t want that.

Priya does want David. So far, all she’s suggesting is that they have a drink, but David can’t do it. Pollard thinks he should, though…