It’s the day of the charity skydive, with Pollard, Rodney and Dan all planning to jump out of a plane for a good cause. Although Dan is dreading it, he has another reason for doing it – he wants to propose by having ‘Marry Me, Kerry!’ written on his parachute! When Kerry reluctantly joins the other villagers to watch the skydivers, she has no idea that Dan is taking part until Val lets the cat out of the bag. Upset that he didn’t tell her he was doing the skydive, Kerry refuses to watch until Ali forces her look to the sky as Dan and his parachute fall to earth.

Meanwhile, Val is worried that Pollard isn’t fit enough to do the dive, but when he passes his medical, she arranges to have an ambulance on standby. It turns out to be a good move though because Pollard ends up in hospital.

It’s a few days before Belle’s due in court, and Zak can’t believe it when Lisa says they should run away with their daughter so she can avoid going to prison. But when Belle makes a Father’s Day present for Zak and gives it to him early just in case she gets sent down, he’s struck by the very real possibility that she will go to prison…