Kerry gets hush money! (VIDEO)

*Episode One*

So… the way to solve a problem like Kerry is with money. She wanted compensation for her injuries and she’s got it – anonymously. Kerry thinks she can use the cash to buy Amy’s affection, but Amy tells her to think again – and Kerry does… She realises whoever ran her over knows where to find her and wants to keep her quiet. That would be Adam, who appears to think that he can shut Kerry up with hush money.

Declan has paid the workers to keep quiet about the bones they have found – body parts aren’t a good selling point for a glamping (glamorous camping) site. Katie, though, isn’t on the same wavelength. She insisted Declan call the police and when she finds out he hasn’t, well… Let’s just say the fireworks go off early at the festival site!

Nikhil has insisted that he needs to find work – and he thinks he’s going to find it at the cafe. This is where the locals come calling for their egg and bacon breakfast rolls and cream cakes for factory tea breaks (of which there are a lot…it’s a miracle, really, that Jai still has a business). When customers are feeling adventurous, they’ll have a ‘frothy’ coffee. Nikhil, though, wants to give them more (whether or not they want it) and is driving Bob nuts.