Kerry has come between Amy and Andy

Nobody wants Amy to move to Portugal with Val and Pollard, except Val and Pollard… and maybe Kerry. Well, think about it, with Amy out of the way Kerry can cosy up to Andy and he might just be stupid enough to fall for her act a second time and agree to play at happy families with her and the baby he believes she’s having (the one Kerry lied about). Amy’s not sure what she wants to do and David senses that (yes, David has some sense!) and tells her she doesn’t have to leave Emmerdale. Then Amy has a run-in with Kerry and it’s very clear to her what she has to do…

Sean’s very excited about what he wants to do with Belle when he gets her alone in his home – and Belle’s excited, too. They’ve even got a box of condoms at the ready because neither of them wants to be stupid enough to make a baby. Oh, except Sean already has – with Gemma. And suddenly Dom appears, wanting to know what Sean’s going to do about that baby. That’s a passion killer!

Victoria’s passionate about keeping Adam away from Robbie and persuades him to ask Mum for his job back. Adam is on his way to Butler’s Farm to do just that, but he bumps in to Robbie on the way and never gets there.