Amy’s relieved when Kerry promises she’ll keep quiet about the Joanie/Kyle secret. Meanwhile, Val stuns Pollard as she announces she’s taking the B&B off the market so they can stick around to help Amy now Kyle’s back in the teen mum’s life.

Debbie panics when Cain almost incriminates himself at Tug Ghyll, not realising the place is bugged to the gills. When Cameron’s out of earshot, she comes clean to her suspicious dad, who’s more than keen to get rid of the serial killer himself. After Debbie calms him down, she heads to the pub with Cameron where she’s frustrated as her fiancé finally talks about the murder. Later, Debbie tells the police she wants to wear a wire to get it over and done with.

Having to organise David and Priya’s wedding is too much to bear for Alicia, who admits to Megan she’s not over her ex.