Kerry makes a big decision in Emmerdale

Pregnant Kerry decides to go ahead with a termination in Emmerdale

*First episode*

Having decided to abort her pregnancy, Kerry needs to get herself over to the clinic without her unaware fiancé Dan realising what she’s up to as he has no idea she’s fallen pregnant, let alone slept with Ross behind her back!

When Hetty fails to start, Kerry helps herself to a car from the garage! Now running late for her appointment, the beautician is forced to park on double yellows before dashing inside… When Dan finds out a motor is missing, will he rumble Kerry, too?

In the Woolpack, Charity announces the news that she and Cain are moving to France. How will Moira react when Cain tells her about the move?

Marlon confides his insecurities about Carly in Rhona, who can’t resist meddling.