Kerry was up-chucking in the bushes when she should have been over the moon because Dan had proposed. She wanted to believe she had a bug but, deep down in the pit of her queasy stomach, Kerry knew she was pregnant – and a test confirmed it. She confided in Joanie that she’s sure the baby isn’t Dan’s. Which means the father is Ross.

Megan spent the night with Frank, believing he had just come home from Australia. But while she waited in the pub for him for a lunch date, Charity told her he was fresh out jail. When Frank turned up, he discovered Megan knew he was a lying ex-jailbird and she told him to stay away from her. But Frank told gob-smacked daughter Vanessa that Megan really finds him irresistible…

Charity wants more money, to help with the costs of visiting Belle, she tells Ross, her past partner in crime. His wallet stuffed with cash showed her he’s on to something and she told him she wants in. What’s the scam? Dog-napping: nicking people’s pedigree chums. But, alone with Moses, we saw that Charity wants the money for a future away from Emmerdale.