Kerry sets light to Cain’s caravan!

Fiery Kerry takes revenge on Cain when he stops her from seeing Kyle

When Cain swipes Kyle from Kerry, who’s persuaded Belle to let her have some time alone with her grandson, she’s furious. In the Woolie, she gets talking to Charity about it, venting her fury against Cain. Having been dumped by the mechanic, Charity’s only too happy to stir the pot and soon a dangerous plan has been concocted for Kerry to set light to Cain’s caravan!

But as Kerry, who’s been spiked by conniving Charity, wobbles over to the van intending to do the deed, she has no idea Zak might be sleeping inside…

The gaffes keep coming for Chas and Paddy as a fumbled kiss goes horribly wrong and results in the vet being dealt a bloodied lip!

Kasim lies to Finn, telling him he’s getting back with his ex in the hope it will soften the blow of their split. And Lawrence feels uneasy when he receives a summons for his grandson Lachlan’s trial.