Kerry’s got proof positive she’s pregnant

No! No! No! Kerry can’t be pregnant! Yes! Yes! Yes! She is – even though it’s the last thing Andy wants. How did this happen?! Well, no one needs to draw Andy a picture; he’s got two kids already. He doesn’t believe Kerry because he doesn’t want it to be true and he tells Kerry she has to take a pregnancy test – and he’s going to wait right outside the toilet while she does it. He thinks he’s catching her out in a lie, Amy’s sure he is – but they’re both wrong. Kerry’s little stick reads positive, which is a real negative for Andy and Amy’s blossoming romance.

Nicola, meanwhile, is trying to turn a negative into a positive. Angelica didn’t get a scholarship to the private school so now Nicola wants Jimmy to find the money for the fees. This is Jimmy, though who, let’s face it, can just about find his way out of his own front door. So Nicola turns to Steve… Yes, he’ll give her the money for Angelica’s posh school – but she’s not getting it for nothing.

Cain’s not getting an easy time at Butler’s Farm. Moira’s moved him in and gone to see Holly. Which means Cain and Adam are alone – and Adam is not interested in making Cain feel at home.