Kerry’s not kidding about her kiddie

‘Tough love’ says Kerry’s T-shirt and it’s spot on! Kerry’s back from partying hard in Lanzarote (on a credit card she can’t afford and money she stole from Andy) and walks in on Amy and Andy in a passionate clinch! They’ve been redecorating Andy’s house after Kerry nearly burnt it to the ground and killed Andy’s kids and they have finally given in to their feelings for each other. Then Kerry totters in, hoping all is forgiven and forgotten and Andy tells her, ‘Tough, love, we’re through’. Kerry’s response? ‘Er, tough, love, you’ll have to put me daughter down, like, because I’m pregnant!’

There’s tough love at Butler’s Farm, too… Moira has suggested to Cain that he makes his stay at Butler’s Farm more permanent and Cain likes that suggestion. Then they tell Adam and he doesn’t like the idea at all. It means he’ll have to share his cornflakes, telly and Mummy with a man he loathes and he’s not a happy boy.

Debbie’s feeling happier. She thinks Kirk has backed off, not realising her stalker is Robbie… She’s been keeping Robbie close (for a laugh, surely) and he likes that. He doesn’t like Debbie feeling safe and secure so he has to pull another stunt.