Kevin accuses Tony of theft

Tony has had enough of people getting in the way of his business plans and he heads over to Jed Stone’s house to force him to leave. Tony forces his way in and offers Mr Stone more money to quit the house, but Jed is defiant and insists he won’t move. Meanwhile, Kevin gets a breakdown callout that turns out to be a hoax and a ruse to steal his truck. Kevin immediately thinks it’s down to Tony.

Michelle looks forward to her trip to Belgium and Steve‘s not so happy about it, but he tries to cover it up. Steve has food for thought when Liz suggests that Michelle only got back with him so she had someone to babysit Ryan while she goes on tour. Steve confronts Michelle and the argument is witnessed by Roy, who has just returned to Weatherfield.

Molly tries to hide her ring-less finger from Tyrone, but when she still can’t find the engagement ring Auntie Pam wonders if it ended up in one of her homemade pickle jars and she initiates a search.

Also, Sean worries about his relationship as Marcus heads off to London for his Botox practitioner’s course; Gail continues her secret liaison with Joe.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Kevin confronts Tony about his missing truck and they almost come to blows. Tony denies all knowledge of the robbery, but a disbelieving Kevin calls in the police. Kevin is furious when he’s ticked off by the police who tell him he can’t make unfounded accusations. A struggling Kevin is forced to tell Tyrone he’ll have to cut his hours. Meanwhile, Tony pays Mr Stone another visit and he’s in a menacing mood. A terrified Mr Stone collapses, but Tony leaves it as long as possible before calling for an ambulance.

Steve and Michelle continue to bicker about her tour, but when Steve finally apologises for his behaviour the tension starts to ease. Elsewhere, when Roy tells Becky to live her life as she sees fit and he promises that he won’t try to interfere.

Pam searches through the jars of pickle for Molly’s ring, but as the pile of jars dwindle, Molly starts to lose hope. Molly is about to confess to Tyrone that the ring has gone missing when he reveals that Kevin may be cutting his hours at the garage and she holds her tongue.

Also, Fiz lets John help mend her DVD player and it looks like he could be gradually breaking down her defences.