Kevin and Ashley fall out

Norris and Becky begin to gossip when they see Casey looking at them from Ashley’s bedroom window. She tells Ashley about it and he says he understands if she wants to leave, but she sticks around anyway. Becky tries to warn Ashley off her, but he doesn’t listen. Kevin repeatedly asks him out for a drink but Ashley becomes suspicious of his persistence thinking that he is spying on him and they have a huge row in the Rovers.

Meanwhile, Gail and Sarah try to find out where David went so smartly dressed last night but he gives nothing away. Jason talks to him and finds out that he went for a drink with Mel. Sarah can’t believe that he actually managed to get her to go on a date.

Steve brings more flowers to Michelle, but she tells him that all she wants is honesty. She reminds him about Shania but soon begins to tease him with the facts. In the end she forgives him but what will she say when Steve asks to stay the night?

Also, Carla is delighted when Rosie asks if she can have a full-time job. Carla takes great pleasure in telling Sally the ‘good news’.