Rosie begs John to let her go, but her pleas fall on deaf ears as John makes her recite the evidence one more time. But his plan is derailed when Kevin and Jason break into the flat, worried when Rosie hasn’t returned from the viewing.

John makes a run for it as Kevin gives chase. In court Fiz listens nervously as the barristers give their summing up, then the jury retire to consider their verdict. Now in his car John speeds towards the court, but when Kevin shunts him he loses control and crashes. With John trapped and unconscious Kevin calls an ambulance as the jury return to deliver their verdict.

Lloyd suggests Chris should consider moving to a hospice, but Cheryl’s horrified and as the couple row Chris is secretly pleased.

Also, alone with Cheryl he admits he wishes things were like they used to be and when he moves in for a kiss Cheryl responds.