Kevin and Mandy talk things over

It’s Mandy’s first day back and Howard informs the team that he is keeping Kevin and her separate for now. Mandy arrives and confides in Cherry that she is a little jealous of the relationship Kevin had with Freya.

Meanwhile, Kevin reveals to Daniel he’s sure Mandy blames him for Freya’s death and he doesn’t blame her. Everyone does their best to keep the two apart but, during lunch, they bump into each other at a football pitch where Freya used to train.

At first they are awkward but soon start reminiscing about Freya and even manage to laugh. Mandy reassures Kevin that he was a good friend to Freya and he offers her the reassurance she needs that Freya loved her.

Later, Mandy tells Howard there’s no need to keep her and Kevin apart anymore. Pleased, Howard offers her some awkward words of comfort as he hands over Freya’s belongings from her desk. Alone, Mandy holds the box and lets her tears flow.

Also, Zara dreads a duty lunch with her aunt and uncle but is shocked to discover they are not as dull as she thought.