Kevin and Mandy walk in Freya’s memory

It’s the one year anniversary of Freya’s tragic death in the house fire, and Mandy is at her graveside when Kevin shows up – not the person she really wanted to see today. But the pair reach an uneasy truce when they resolve to do something today which Freya would do – she’d find something wacky, and then blog about it! 

When they check Freya’s old blog, they find there’s still an active community on her comments boards – people inspired by her are continuing to use the site to lend one another support – and there’s a draft post about a plan to do a walk to raise money for Lupus. Kevin and Mandy decide to do the walk together to remember her. They start the walk with balloons tied to their wrists, having only raised the tenner which Kevin’s donated so far. But when two blog commenters join them on the walk, could this lead to a generous cash donation?

Liam is at home in his student digs when his housemate Finn comes in, on a high. Finn’s just aced his end-of-year exams but Finn’s not noted for his academic excellence, so how did he do it?  Finn reveals his secret – there’s a legal street drug popular on campus called Quack, which Finn’s selling after buying in bulk from China. Right now, people are taking Quack as a party drug, but Finn has found that with the right dosage it really focuses the mind.

Liam’s fascinated – this could be the basis of a treatment for Parkinsons! It’s important they do further tests before it becomes illegal – too many drugs have the stigma of abuse and then the ability to study them goes out the window. So they could launch their own trial amongst Finn’s clients and Liam will use his bursary money to encourage people to take part. That’s it – they’re in business!