The Dobbs excitedly plan to show the scan DVD to Diggory, as Molly asks Tyrone to check the brakes on the car. Kevin’s cool as Tyrone talks about the scan but when he sees the baby boy on screen his facade cracks and it hits him like a ton of bricks. Unaware of Kevin’s feelings, Tyrone ploughs on asking Kevin to be godfather. It’s all too much for Kevin and he snaps. As he shouts his refusal a huge row erupts between the two men, ending in Kevin suggesting they cease their partnership.

John and Fiz invent their cover story as John begins life as Colin at his new school. By the end of the day it looks like John is getting away with his con. But when John gets back home one of his new colleagues calls to say he’s left his mobile at the school. He’s now on his way to drop it round, and John and Fiz begin to sweat.

Anna’s thrilled when Gary turns up unannounced, saying he’s on leave and wanted to surprise her.

Also, Audrey and Natasha pamper Lewis and Nick in the salon both hoping to find a way to their hearts.

*Second episode, 8.30pm

Kevin’s driven to extremes over the baby and unsure about what to do he decides to confront Molly. Insisting they can’t live like this he urges her to have an abortion, then lie to everyone telling them she’s had a miscarriage. Horrified Molly refuses and claiming he has no rights over her, or Tyrone’s baby, she throws him out. Kevin breaks down unable to believe the mess he’s in.

John panics when work follows him home and sending Chesney out, he and Fiz frantically try and clear the house of any clues to John’s real identity. When Brian arrives he invites himself in and they get through a tricky evening. But as Brian leaves Fiz is shaken, dreading the bumpy ride ahead.

Izzy arrives in the Rovers for her blind date with Kirk, but disaster strikes when she spots Jason before Kirk can explain that he used his picture. As she storms out Izzy crashes her wheelchair into Gary and has words. Gary likes her feistiness and when he bumps into her again there’s hint of a spark.

Also, Natasha and Rosie get together to teach Graeme a lesson when they realise he’s been playing both of them.

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