Jenny desperately tries to explain that she didn’t abduct Jack, but he came to her. Later, Kevin reveals to Sophie and Anna how Jack told him he followed Jenny into the factory and she was telling the truth. As Jenny loads her things into a cab, Kevin apologises and asks her to stay.

Eva notices some movement behind a pile of boxes in the factory and is startled when Marta reveals herself. Having brought Marta some food, Eva quizzes her and is shocked to hear the truth about why she’s at the factory.

Leanne’s flattered when a good-looking guy called Tom chats her up in the bistro and gives her his phone number.

Johnny pours his heart out to Aidan, telling him how much he means to him and how much he loved Aidan’s mother. Sally persuades Audrey to hand over her address book in the hope it’ll contain some important contacts at the council.