Kevin attacks Tyrone!

It’s early morning and Tyrone slips out of No 4, but unbeknown to him he’s spotted by Kevin. At the garage Kevin explains he’s back for good and asks questions about what Sally’s been up to. Sophie’s thrilled to see her dad back on the street, but when he spots Sally leaving Tyrone’s via the ginnel he accuses them of having an affair. In front of Eileen, Sean and Rosie, Sally prepares herself for a fight.

Gary starts working for Owen, but when Jason accidentally locks him in the van he’s reminded of the terrible day in Iraq and panics. Owen eventually lets Gary out, but as he tries to explain it was an accident Gary loses all control and launches a violent attack on Jason.

Becky faces awkward questions about Tracy when the police continue to question people about the attack. They want to know more about Becky’s row with Tracy.

Also, unable to live with the guilt, John visits Joy Fishwick and lies that he’s been in touch with Colin, but he’s now moved and the phone signal is terrible.

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