Kevin blames the wrong man!

Kevin‘s now convinced someone sabotaged the lift in a bid to hurt him and the finger of suspicion is pointing at Tommy after Kevin sacked him. When Kevin then spots Tommy trying to fix the lift in order to protect Tyrone, it’s all the evidence he needs to confront him. As Tommy takes the rap, Tyrone’s forced to face up to Kevin. Meanwhile, Jeff’s shocked to find Kevin is back living with Sally.

Amy’s still drinking milk in secret, which inevitably makes her ill again and Tracy’s worried sick. When a concerned Steve rushes round Amy laps up the attention, leaving a suspicious Becky hinting that Tracy may be behind her relapse. But it’s not Tracy behind Amy’s illness and Steve is worried that the women will be at loggerheads again. Meanwhile, Becky’s forced to meet with Kylie, who insists they need to talk about Max.

Fiz and John are nervous as they head to hospital for Hope’s echocardiogram, hoping that the hole in her heart healed. All they can do now is wait for her test results.

Also, will Audrey choose Marc’s friendship over Claudia’s; Carla collars Owen over the factory’s overflowing drains.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

As Steve and Tracy reel from Amy’s revelation they’re both forced to acknowledge that their arguments have driven her to it. Realising how confusing it must be to have your parents living next door to each other, but not with each other, Tracy makes a big decision.

John explains to his hostages that he and Fiz are going to disappear. When they’re a safe distance away he’ll call the police. Back on the street John pales to see a drainage engineer at the factory, panicking that they will discover Colin’s body under the floor. Desperate to get away he lies to Fiz that Colin has been in touch and is threatening to go to the police over Joy’s money.

Tyrone‘s terrified Kevin will call the police, but instead he suggests a truce – if they can find a way to work together he won’t call them. Kevin’s ready to forget the past and move on, but Tyrone isn’t sure he’s ready. Sally paints a rosy picture of life with Jeff, but as she helps Kevin with Jack it’s a flashback to a happier past.

Also, Sean’s over the moon when Marcus comes to visit; Gary’s over-protective behaviour worries Izzy.

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