James infiltrates the Webster’s war on Sally’s birthday. While Kevin’s still raging with Sophie, refusing to forgive her for stealing his and Jack’s nest egg. Getting nowhere with the bank or with James, which nearly ends in a fight only broken up by Ken, Kevin announces he’s called the police. As he insists Sophie needs punishing Sally’s appalled, while Sophie begs him to spare her.

Peter‘s puzzled by Leanne’s suddenly upbeat mood but when he finds a pregnancy testing kit in her bag he discovers the reason why. He and Leanne ponder the patter of tiny feet and Peter urges her to do the test.

When Audrey pays Marc a surprise visit she’s shocked to see Marcia coming out of the house. The pair come face to face and Audrey’s taken aback when Marcia asks her to go for a drink with him so they can talk.

Also; when Tommy sees a glamorous Asian girl on the street he can’t help making a beeline for her. As he follows her to the corner shop keeping up his patter he’s stunned to discover the girl is a less-than-pleased Dev’s daughter – Amber!

*Second Episode, 8.30pm*

Sophie’s on edge as the police arrive. Kevin rants about the bogus charity ripping him off and insists Sophie explain what happened. But seeing how scared his little girl is he eventually lies saying he transferred the cash and it was all a misunderstanding. Sally insists he’s done the right thing but he’s worried it will affect his case with the bank. Meanwhile, James meets with Rob to discuss the scam and we realise he has been in on it all along.

Leanne‘s ecstatic as the test reveals she’s pregnant. Peter’s outwardly thrilled too but he knows this is life-changing news and is worried. In the pub, an excited Leanne reveals her news to the family, Carla overhears and as she and Peter exchange a wistful look it’s clear he feels trapped.

Audrey buries her nerves as she heads to a bar with Marc to meet one of his cross dressing friends.

Also; Dev and Sunita are shocked as Amber announces she’s staying for the summer and it soon becomes clear she’s not the same little girl she used to be.

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