Kevin and Sally return from their holiday. But it’s clear the break has done nothing to refocus his attentions on his marriage as he sets about arranging another secret tryst with Molly.

Fiz calls into Underworld and the factory girls have plenty to say about her wedding drama. Feeling alone Fiz wishes things could be different with John, especially as there’s no let up in the abuse hurled at her by the Webster clan. Clouded by depression and unable to see the light at the end of the tunnel she realises she must make a drastic life decision, and she suggests to Chesney that they move away.

As Amber prepares to leave the street and return to university Darryl’s determined to do the right thing. Refusing to bank the cheque from Dev he chases after her. Dev’s also desperate to stop her and make amends. But feeling betrayed by both the men in her life Amber doesn’t know if she can bring herself to listen to either of them.

Also; Jesse takes photos of Julie dressed as Hia-Lowa for his website. But as he casts his eye over her assets Eileen realises he fancies Julie and insists that he sacks her.

*Second Episode, 8.30pm*

Chesney’s furious with Fiz and tells her how much he hates John for ruining their lives, it’s time she made a decision. Unable to cope and feeling low Fiz returns to the prison where she breaks down in front of John.

Chesney meanwhile is adamant he’s not moving away from the street; he grew up there and would miss all his friends. When Anna finds him looking upset she takes him to the Windasses. When Gary suggests that Chesney could move in with them, Chesney is quick to take him up on his offer. But he’s dreading Fiz’s reaction when she finds out.

Molly and Kevin can’t keep their hands off each other as they secretly meet in a motel. As they spend the evening in bed Kevin gives Molly a necklace he bought for her in Lanzarote. As Molly shows him just how much she likes it, the couple admit they’re head over heels in love with each other.

Also; Jesse tries to sack Julie but when she realises Eileen’s behind it she persuades him to let her continue with the job and lie to Eileen. Jesse begrudgingly agrees and Julie tells Eileen how Jesse’s sacked her.