When Jas tells Kevin he did the right thing ending things with Sigourney, he confesses that he told Sigourney he had a terminal illness rather than the truth about his impotence. Jas reckons he’s thrown away a good thing because of something that can be treated and Kevin feels ashamed. Later, Jimmi and Jas go to a gig and, after some initial awkwardness, Jas and Jimmi start to relax and enjoy themselves. At the end of the night, Jas’s cab arrives and Jimmi gives her a gentle kiss goodnight and watches as she goes.

Rob asks Karen if she wants to go for a meal and she reminds him she’s going out with her friend Maggie. Karen and Maggie enjoy catching up over cocktails until Rob arrives to take her home. A merry Karen is fiddling with the door on the driver’s side, so Rob tells her to go round and he’ll back up so she can get in. Karen appears on the passenger side but then drops her mobile and accidentally kicks it under the car.

She goes behind the car to retrieve it just as Rob is reversing and suddenly there is a thump as he hits her. Rob gets out expecting the worst but is relieved when he finds Karen rubbing her shoulder and laughing about it. Rob thinks they should get her checked out but Karen insists she’s fine. They drive home laughing but unknown to either of them there is blood trickling from Karen’s ear…

Also, Emma isn’t thrilled about being shadowed by a trainee during a busy police shift – but will she win Emma round?