Kevin promises not to say anything to Al about their discovery that he went to a strip club last night instead of seeing his girlfriend Jackie, but he can’t help spreading word around The Mill and soon Karen, Mandy and Chris are gossiping and speculating as to whether Al is lying about Jackie. But the pressure gets to Kevin, who eventually confronts Al and accuses him of making Jackie up, telling him what they saw.

As Jas arrives, Al makes up the further lie that Jackie dumped him recently, before making his excuses and rushing out. Kevin uses Al’s awkwardness as proof that he’s guilty of being Jas’s stalker. Al is left feeling isolated, so is happy when Jimmi asks him to go for a drink.

As Emma and Heston delight in the success of their restaurant review, Heston suggests reviewing the Icon at lunchtime. Chris doesn’t think it’s a good idea to review their local – don’t bite the hand that feeds you. When Heston and Emma return from lunch at The Icon determined to pick holes in what was a perfectly decent meal, Chris tries to warn them off once more, but Emma thinks he’s just trying to rain on her parade.

Elsewhere, Daniel is roped into taking Mrs Tembe to his golf club, and Mandy meets an old school friend who’s having marriage problems.