Elaine gets a phone call from her therapist Oliver who wonders why she hasn’t been to see him. Elaine claims she’s coping fine and thanks him but Oliver remains concerned. Elaine makes dubious decisions throughout the day and when patient Anna has a heart attack she freezes. Luckily Kevin saves the day. Later, Elaine tries to evade the subject but Kevin is furious and has a go at her for not behaving like a proper doctor.

Marina is unhappy with the Christmas choir claiming there are not enough voices. When Julia mentions that Jimmi has a lovely voice, Marina and Mrs Tembe battle to win him over. The women are devastated when Jimmi says he doesn’t want to do it, so when Mrs Tembe suggests she recruits some of the choir at her church, Marina is grateful. Have they called a truce?

Also, patient Anna has found a surprising solution to her grumpy husband’s constant knee pain. But in order for it to work she needs Elaine’s help.