Kevin demands the truth from Anna

Phelan feeds Jason the same set of lies about Anna, making out they had an affair and that’s why she’s bitter. Later, Kevin tells Jason that Phelan isn’t welcome on the premises and he wonders if it’s because of Anna’s affair with Phelan. Kevin confronts Anna about her ‘affair’ with Phelan and demands she tells him the truth.

While the O’Driscolls are at the factory, Billy and Eva break in to their house, but knowing the couple are heading back home Aidan tries desperately to get hold of Eva to warn her. Finding a terrified Marta, Billy and Eva implore her to come with them to safety when the O’Driscolls pull up outside.

When Kylie finds one of Sadie’s scarves in the Salon she tells David she’ll return it to Freddie after the funeral. But she’s shocked to see him through the window slumped over a bottle of whisky and a bottle of pills.

As Sally and Tim set off for the election results at the town hall, Norris is hurt to realise Rita voted for Sally.