Kevin is keen to bring the family back together in the wake of recent events and he organises a quiet meal to celebrate Jimbo’s birthday. Kevin sees Shirley in the Square and spitefully tells her that although she forced him to tell the kids the truth, they’ve made their choice and chosen him. But Carly is still smarting from the revelation and she tells Kevin exactly what she thinks of him.

A desperate Kevin realises that Carly will never forgive him and he sits in a car, sobbing. Looking at his passport, he speeds away from Albert Square…

Ben is jubilant in the wake of Stella’s departure and when he finds Stella’s scarf, he sets about cutting it up into pieces with Abi. Phil is furious when he finds the pair and he realises that Stella was telling the truth – Ben deliberately caused the oven fire to get rid of her. Ben snaps and screams at Phil that he hates Stella. A sad Phil tells Peggy that he can’t take back Stella – Ben will never accept her.

Dawn watches on jealously as she sees Rob and May sharing a moment together. Dawn demands to know why Rob hasn’t told May about their relationship yet. Rob stalls and tells Dawn that they should hold off telling her that they’re together until the baby is born and she’s handed over the money. Dawn is shocked.

Sonia sits Rebecca down and explains that she’s leaving Walford and Rebecca is distraught. An upset Jim organises a small leaving do for Sonia in the Vic but Martin can’t bear to face the reality of her departure and he slips out. Sonia finds Martin in the Square and he makes one last plea to get her to stay, then kisses her passionately…

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