Kevin prepares for court and tries to put a brave face on things. Sally accompanies him to court, but she breaks down when he is given a 28-day custodial sentence. Sally returns home alone to break the news to their daughters. A devastated Sophie yells at Rosie for what she has done.

Maria considers confronting Liam about his feelings for Carla, but Carla calls and ruins the moment. Liam is discharged from hospital and the couple return to Weatherfield. Carla calls Maria yet again to check on Liam and a frustrated Maria lies that she and Liam are still in the Lake District. Carla is fuming when she later spots Maria trying on wedding dresses in the local bridal shop!

Steve is shocked when Nick turns up in Weatherfield, demanding to know why Michelle didn’t turn up for the DNA test and appears to be avoiding his calls. Steve has a quiet word with Nick, but Ryan notices Steve with his stalker and is confused as to what is going on. Steve tries to talk to Ryan, but the teenager has done a runner and is nowhere to be found.

Also, David gets drunk with Tina, who leads him to the bedroom…