Trevor’s bad night turns into a bad morning when Cameron hands him the post, which is mostly bills. Cameron’s been looking forward to a day out, but Trevor snaps that they can’t afford to go. Realising he’s been too harsh on Cameron, Trevor goes to the doctors for some sleeping pills, but he thinks he’s been set up by Mrs Tembe when he gets seen by Kevin.

As Kevin tries to get to the root of Trevor’s sleep problem, Trevor launches into a racist tirade against him. Kevin asks him to leave and Mrs Tembe steps up to intervene, but Kevin stops her. Mrs Tembe thinks she can empathise with Kevin but, on hearing she knew what Trevor was like, Kevin is furious.

Imogen’s community payback hours have been extended and she worries about telling Rob. Jack urges her to keep quiet, but she knows she has to tell the truth this time. Exhausted from his day, Rob lashes out at Imogen when she tells him and his disappointment in her is clear.

Also, Rob lets his feelings about Imogen cloud how he deals with a woman and her troublesome daughter.

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