Kevin is stunned when he goes to open up the car lot to discover that it has been trashed. Pat tells a worried Kevin that it looks like someone was sending him a message and he wonders if it was anything to do with his refusal to help out Phil. Meanwhile,
Jase tells Phil he doesn’t want to do any more ‘jobs’ for him, but Phil makes him repair the damage at the car lot. Kevin is unnerved and agrees to take on Phil’s cars.

Steven makes a bad impression on Deano’s stall when he winds up Stacey by selling similar clothes. Meanwhile, Ian is still angry that Steven’s in the Square and they have an altercation and Steven’s stock ends up on the floor. Ian has another argument with Steven later on when he finds Steven with Peter. After dark, a hooded figure smashes Steven’s stall…

Bradley realises that he needs to get another job and he goes for an interview with an insurance sales firm after a tip off from Max. But when he’s offered the job, he decides it’s not for him and turns it down. Stacey worries about what they’re going to do for money.

Also, Peter’s French exchange student Monique arrives; Billy sneaks out of the house in the dead of night.

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