Kevin arranges for the DNA test results to be delivered by courier and is told that he can have them by the end of the day. He anxiously waits for them and desperately hopes that baby Jack is Tyrone’s. He’s on tenterhooks, but when Sophie insists she needs his help at the house the package falls into Tyrone’s hands. Kevin’s horrified to return home and find him holding the letter.

Steve hears about Ciaran’s plans for a tapas menu for the Joinery, including mini hotpots and calls a crisis meeting at the Rovers. Liz and Betty come up with a ruthless plan to derail Nick and Leanne’s bar.

John hasn’t received a letter today, but with he and Charlotte no closer to finding out who’s behind them John suggests that they keep their distance from each other. Back at home John promises Fiz a cosy night in, but then they’re interrupted by a mysterious phone call which Fiz answers.

Also, Sophie and Rosie prepare for a house party, all planned by an excited Rosie; Michelle starts at Underworld.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Kevin takes in the shocking news that he’s a dad. But is forced to snap back to reality when Sally arrives to take him to the pub so that they’re out of the way for Sophie’s party. In the Rover’s Kevin’s distant as the results occupy his mind, so he makes an excuse and heads to the Dobbs’. Finding Molly alone he hands over the results; she’s appalled that he went behind her back but reads what’s in front of her.

Nick’s fuming as he shows the health inspector around the bar. It’s obvious to him that someone has tried to sabotage the bar’s opening and he’s worried that it won’t get a clean bill of health. Things go from bad to worse when a waterpipe bursts.

Sophie‘s party is in full swing as she lets in Chesney, Katy and her choir friends, but she’s stunned when a bevy of promo girls and club acts burst in. Everyone is having a great time and, caught up in the moment, the girls kiss in full view of the pastor.

Also, Jack overhears Molly and Kevin discussing the DNA results; Michelle asserts her authority at Underworld; John fears the net in closing in as the mysterious calls continue.

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