Kevin grows closer to Molly

Molly is disappointed when Tyrone can’t cheer her on at the 10k fun run as he’s waiting to pick up Jack, whose train has been delayed. Kevin offers to take her instead and she flirtily accepts. Molly suffers last minute nerves on the starting line, but Kevin cheers her on and Molly finishes an impressive 10th in the race. A delighted Kevin grabs Molly for a hug and tells her she’s amazing and almost moves in for a kiss…

Rosie refuses to listen when Kevin tells her that she shouldn’t accept John’s money, as it’s morally wrong. Rosie instead sets off on another shopping spree and returns parading a designer handbag that has cost her 3,000 pounds!

Becky gets a shock when her dodgy ex Slug turns up in the Rovers looking like a new man. Slug reveals that he’s got a job, a flat and now calls himself by his real name, Neil. Becky is impressed to see that he’s cleaned up his act.

Also, Eileen discovers that Jesse is back in town when Claire reveals she’s taking the kids to see General Custard; Fiz is convinced that John is going to take his own life and is desperate to see him.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Kevin is surprised by his feelings for Molly, while an oblivious Molly is just keen to get back home to tell Tyrone about the race. Molly is disappointed when Tyrone is more interested in moaning about Connie. Tyrone kicks off when Jack and Connie are forced to admit they’ve been on holiday together. Molly is sick of Tyrone interfering in Jack’s life and pointedly tells Tyrone that she’s invited Connie for tea and she wants him there. Molly texts Kevin to thank him for a lovely day and his heart lifts.

Rosie decides she’s made Fiz suffer enough and confesses that she hasn’t been seeing John regularly. Rosie reveals that John called her in just once and gave her the money to say sorry for what he did to her. Fiz makes another desperate attempt to contact John but is frustrated at every turn. Meanwhile, Luke turns his charm on Rosie to convince her to invest in Underworld.

Eileen takes Amy to see General Custard at the Community Centre in a bid to talk to Jesse. Eileen approaches Jesse and he is happy to see her and they swap phone numbers and agree to hook up.

Also, Becky wonders why Slug is back in the area.

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