Kevin has Al in his sights

Kevin still thinks Al is Jas’s stalker, but she won’t hear of it. He talks to Al, in a cheery way, asking after Jackie and telling him to bring her along for a drink with the nurses tomorrow night. Al is eager, but says Jackie won’t be able to make it. But his excuse for her not coming feels slightly flimsy and Al finds himself saying that, actually, she can make it after all. Kevin wonders if he’s barking up the wrong tree, but when Karen makes a passing comment that Al doesn’t seem to know if Jackie’s an optometrist or a dentist, Kevin’s adamant he’s right.

Later, someone is watching footage of Jas in her flat. They fast-forward until they get a good close up, then zoom right in…   

Also, after a petty thief steals his warrant badge, Rob tries to solve the crime himself.