When Dora Harrington finds her son, Danny, dead she contacts her doctor, Stuart Houghton. Stuart prompts Dora to choose cremation and gives her details of Marvin Harris, the undertaker. Once outside, Stuart calls Marv, telling him that he thinks Kevin will ‘play ball’ at Honeywell surgery.

Later, Kevin sits in on two consultations and Stuart is satisfied that Kevin’s prepared to not follow procedure when his ‘expertise can lead to a better solution for everybody’. Kevin completes the cremation form just as Stuart arrives with Dora and Elena to view Danny’s body. Over a drink, Stuart trusts Kevin enough to tell him everything.

Meanwhile, Ayesha and Mrs Tembe clash again over Ayesha’s time-keeping. Howard intervenes but, rather than pacify Ayesha, he ends up provoking another argument about the merits of the Armed Services. However, when Ayesha explains her objections, Howard understands and they reach a compromise.