Heston reveals to Kevin that he has found several errors on death certificates by the same undertaker, Marvin Harris, and asks Kevin to help obtain the evidence. While Kevin distracts Mr Harris, Heston sneaks into the embalming room and emerges with some hard evidence, a femur.

Groom-to-be Martin has locked himself in the bathroom on his wedding day and Al pays a visit. Martin confesses that he has contracted pubic lice and Al explains he will have to tell his bride-to-be, Kelly. Martin is horrified and reveals he isn’t ready to marry. After a pep talk from Al, Martin tells his mum the truth. Finally, Martin is saved after Kelly’s grandmother accidentally starts a fire while cleaning at the church.

Also, Mrs Tembe grows increasingly frustrated with Ayesha’s tardiness, while Ayesha discovers Mrs Tembe lied about a patient. Howard speaks to both women and tells them that they will be going on house calls together from now on.