Kevin is arrested!

It’s breakfast when Daniel and Zara hear that Lauren was not a victim of The Scraper. Rob arrives to take Daniel in for questioning, and at the police station Daniel admits he lied, he did give Lauren a lift home on the night of her death. DI Driver says they know Lauren was planning a sexual harassment case against Daniel and starts to dredge up his murky past.

As Daniel asks for a lawyer, Driver and Rob confer – Rob doesn’t think he’s the killer, but Driver is sure he’s holding something back and wants Zara brought in. Zara knows why Daniel’s been holding back – they went to a baby show that night and she made him keep the pregnancy secret. As Daniel and Zara leave, she warns that what she told them must remain confidential.

With Daniel out of the frame, Driver decides it’s time to go back to Kevin. At The Mill, Kevin realises certain people think he’s a suspect again now it’s not The Scraper, but Freya is reassuring; she knows he didn’t do it. As Kevin leaves for lunch, Driver and Rob are there to arrest him. Julia begs Kevin not to make a scene, but Rob is forced to cuff him as he arrests him on suspicion of Lauren Porter’s murder.

Also, Freya gets involved with a young man who refuses to tell his best friend about his impending death.