Kevin is back with a bang!

Kevin has yet to leave for foreign shores, as we find him in Kent staring out to sea. He contemplates a future alone in France, but is jolted out of his melancholy when he sees a man lying in a beach hut.

Jed claims he’s been abandoned by his stag party and Kevin helps him to the pub he’s been staying at. However Jed isn’t quite all he seems and steals Kevin’s bag. He rushes outside to see Jed boarding a bus and tries to catch him only to see it collide with a lorry. Kevin helps Jed, who is bleeding badly, but can do nothing as Jed dies in his arms.

A devastated Kevin returns to Walford, but is further crushed when he sees his belongings left out for the rubbish collectors, Shirley and Carly coming out of the Vic laughing together and his Portakabin trashed.

A broken man, he is staggering about the streets when Shirley spots him. They have a blazing row until Kevin breaks down and tells her about Jed. She comforts him, when suddenly the comfort turns to passion.

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