Kevin is the No 1 suspect!

As Julia comforts Kevin over Lauren’s death, he realises he’s lost his mobile phone. Rob questions Kevin, who lies about seeing her on the night of her death. At The Mill, Freya returns from holiday and Julia gathers the team to tell them about Lauren. They’re stunned, but Freya can’t help asking where Kevin is. As Daniel calls Kevin, Rob takes him in for questioning.

As Rob returns to Lauren’s house, he’s approached by neighbour, Linda, who recalls how Kevin punched the wall outside Lauren’s house on the night she was killed. As Harrison gets some DNA, DI Driver thinks they’ve got three murders for the price of one – could Kevin be The Scraper? At the police station, Kevin learns he was seen at Lauren’s and DNA could back this up.

Kevin admits he was lying and realises the cops think he’s responsible for two Scraper killings in Maybrook. He needs to prove where he was on the nights of these two murders, and as The Mill staff gossip about Kevin, Freya goes to the station to support him.

Kevin tells Freya his phone will reveal where he was and remembers he last had it at strip club Minky’s. Freya manages to get his phone back… for a price. Freya returns to the station with the phone, but it won’t start up.

Driver is about to arrest Kevin when his phone starts up – he was on call for one of the dates and out of the country for the other. As Kevin is released without charge, he apologises to Freya – who’s been a good friend.