Kevin leaves Denise

Denise wakes to find Kevin and Deano missing but she doesn’t think anything of it and she’s devastated when she finally finds a note from Kevin, explaining that they’ve gone on the run. Denise decides to leave the Square with Libby and Chelsea but Kevin has had a change of heart and he arrives back in the Square, just as Denise and the girls set off in a taxi�

Ian thinks that Jane is behind the recent pranks, especially when he finds her passport with the invoice for a coffin tucked inside. Jane is appalled by Ian’s accusations. He makes a grovelling apology when he realises his mistake but Jane refuses to forgive him. Ian sends a message from Lucy’s blog and gets a reply, asking Lucy to meet ‘Cindy’ in 20 minutes’ time.

Jase is disturbed when he catches Billy giving him a particularly dirty look and he realises that Billy knows he’s been in prison. Jase tells Billy that Jay doesn’t know and he wants to keep it that way. Phil approaches Jase about why he was in prison but Jase won’t discuss it. Jase is horrified when he realises that Jay has overheard.

Also, Roxy flirts with Jase.

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