Kevin lies to snag a date with Diane

When the wife of the man who sold Kevin the sofa calls into the garage and explains she’d like her sofa back, Kevin panics. Clearly smitten by Diane, he tells her he sold the sofa to a random guy in the pub. Diane insists they go for a drink to see if they can find him. In the Rovers, Diane flirts with Kevin and they exchange phone numbers so Kevin can contact her if he tracks down the sofa. Sally and Tim agree to help him out.

Sean’s excited at the thought of a big night out with his mates, hoping that he might get lucky and meet Mr Right. But as his mates cry off one by one he’s disappointed when only Sinead remains up for a night on the tiles.

Yasmeen suggests to Sharif they should look at buying No 6, which is going up for auction.

Carla hands Michelle a cheque to cover Tracy’s debts and pay off the wedding suppliers. Michelle calls in Barlow’s Buys and tells Tracy she’s off the hook as Carla’s paid her debts.