Kevin is dressed smartly for his lunch with Nadia. The nerves get the better of him and he decides to cancel his lunch date with her. Nadia persuades him to meet, promising to let him lead the conversation so it’s at his own pace.

They meet and get on really well, talking about bands from when they were young. Nadia lets slip she has a brother, Kevin’s half-brother. Kevin changes the subject but they later exchange jokey texts. A bond has been made.

Howard asks Al if he’s thought any more about his offer of some investment – some seed corn money in return for a cut later down the line. Al says no thanks; he is meeting an investor with a great deal of experience tomorrow. Howard offers to watch Al’s pitch and give him some feedback.

Al’s pitch is awful; he has no figures and no working prototype. Howard suggests he invests in Al’s company and takes care of all the presentations. Al agrees, but regrets it as Howard starts to go over a lengthy business proposal.

Also, Mrs Tembe gets in too deep when she attempts to discover the identity of a Good Samaritan who aided a hit and run victim five years ago.