Kevin pressures Tyrone to own up to his debts

The consultant tells Tyrone and Fiz that Hope’s tumour has shrunk and is now operable. An upbeat Tyrone and Fiz share their good news with their friends in the Rovers. Kevin puts pressure on Tyrone to come clean to Fiz about his debts. He says he will but not while they’re celebrating.

Ken’s party is in full swing, and Norris is disapproving when Emily announces she’s leaving for Peru tomorrow. Ken tells Audrey how much he values her friendship, but the moment is broken by Nessa, who quickly sweeps Ken away.

As the clock strikes midnight, Aidan and Eva kiss passionately and Kevin kisses Anna on the cheek. Meanwhile, Caz and Kate share a tearful farewell as Caz leaves for Cyprus.

Andy does his best to reassure Steph in the wake of the revenge porn attack. Mary’s disappointed when Brendan says he can only stay for a quick drink as his wife is expecting him. Johnny begs Carla not to reveal all about his past to Kate and Aidan. Carla realises she completely forgot Nick’s birthday. As Leanne wipes a bit of icing from Robert’s cheek, Tracy jumps to the wrong conclusion.