Molly and Tyrone get ready to visit Diggory and Kevin offers to fix the brakes on Tyrone’s car. But Kevin can’t concentrate and goes to find Molly, again he tries to convince her it would be best for them all if she had an abortion. Molly’s furious and after refusing tells him to leave her alone. Kevin returns to fix the brakes, but when he finds Sophie in tears he takes her home leaving the job unfinished. Back at the garage, Tyrone assumes the car has been fixed and heads off with Molly on board, unaware they’ve stepped into a death trap.

Gary prepares to leave Anna, and despite being sad to see him go she’s so proud of her matured son. Gary plays his heroics down, and doesn’t confess he’s actually AWOL. Once he’s gone, an army warrant officer calls revealing he’s been reported missing.

John throws himself back into teaching, but when he’s late home Fiz starts to fear the worst. John’s eventually arrives home and he’s fine, but it’s another reminder of what she’s getting herself into.

Also, Lloyd finds Cheryl’s phone in the back of his cab. He goes looking for her to return it and is intrigued to see her go into a strip bar.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Kevin’s horrified to discover Tyrone has taken the car, but when he calls to warn him Molly insists he turn his phone off so they can enjoy the drive. When someone walks into the road Tyrone’s forced to break hard and is unaware as one of the bolts fall away. Back on the street, Kevin jumps into the breakdown truck and follows them. Meanwhile, Molly and Tyrone decide to stop for a pub lunch and take a different route. As they set off again the car hit’s a pothole and Tyrone can do nothing as the brakes fail and the car catapults through a hedge, ending on its roof.

Rosie thinks Sophie is dealing with boy trouble and gives her a makeover in a bid to cheer her up. Sophie perks up until Ryan reveals he’s spoken to Sian and they may be getting back together. Sophie’s left devastated.

Cheryl’s grateful to get her phone back, but doesn’t take kindly to a flirty Lloyd who’s far from put off by the fact that she’s a stripper.

Also, Anna starts to worry about why Gary’s gone AWOL when he seemed to be enjoying the army so much.

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