Julia is annoyed that Kevin hasn’t made amends for his mistake with the referrals system and asks Heston to sort it out. Heston delegates to Kevin and asks him to work in his office so he can keep an eye on him. But Kevin notices that Heston’s head is bleeding and won’t continue until he has treated him.

Heston relents and lets Kevin treat him, but Kevin’s suspicions are aroused when he sees the looks between Marina and Heston when they try and explain the injury. Initially he suspects that Heston’s vertigo has returned and Heston uses this as an excuse, but the pieces start to fit together as Kevin notices make-up on Heston’s cheek. Heston fobs him off, but at the end of the day Kevin witnesses tense words between Marina and Heston and the penny drops.

Also, Mrs Tembe attempts to keep the peace between a mother and daughter when a shocking secret is revealed.