Kevin reveals his true feelings to Molly

Molly is increasingly confused by the mixed signals she is getting from Kevin when he fails to show for training yet again and she goes to the garage to find him. She demands to know why he is giving her the cold shoulder just days after telling her how fantastic she is. She is stunned as he tells her that he can’t stop thinking about her and wants to jump on her every time he sees her.

Rosie has spent the night at Luke’s and it seems he has accepted her plan to invest in the factory. Triumphant after a night of passion with the boss, Rosie heads for work and makes it clear to the gobsmacked factory girls that the only way she will be returning to Underworld is as management!

Becky is acting strangely and Steve is worried that Slug is somehow behind her weird behaviour. When she returns from a shopping trip with a birthday present for Steve she is hurt and disappointed that he thought she had gone off to see Slug.

Also, Tina and Jason agree to be mates when he apologises for his drunken antics; Jack fails to convince Tyrone that Connie is just a friend.