Phelan makes out he called in the cafe with the intention of burying the hatchet with Anna, but Kevin finally sees Phelan for the bully that he is. He apologises to Anna and suggests they try again. Eileen and Jason take Phelan’s side while Michael isn’t sure what to think. Kevin vows to get to the truth about Phelan and Anna’s past and with an evil smile, Phelan wishes him luck.

Robert and Tracy are disappointed to discover they can only get a loan for £90k, leaving them £10k short of Nick’s asking price. Robert makes Nick an offer of £90k for the bistro. Giving Carla a threatening look, Tracy tells her to make sure Nick accepts the offer.

Liz threatens to bar Norris and Sally when the pair score political points off each other across the pub.

Leanne calls on Ken and Simon, keen to hear about their trip to Portsmouth. Steph’s unimpressed when Andy suggests they could get fish and chips after work to celebrate her birthday. Zeedan’s pleased to hear Rana’s applied for a job at the medical centre.