Kevin shocked by Vanessa and Jess’s lifestyle

Mandy decides that patient Jess needs an understanding doctor but most of the doctors’ lists are full, so Kevin is her best option. But he’s unwilling to take Jess on; patients like her and Vanessa never follow their doctor’s advice then blame said doctor for no improvement. Mandy tells Kevin, however, that Jess and Vanessa need understanding, and that they can both empathise with them as they came from a similar background – they know how having benefits cut and social services getting involved can affect a family.

Kevin’s finally convinced but when he arrives at Vanessa’s house he’s horrified by the take away cartons scattered around and is annoyed with Vanessa for not looking after Jess’s pressure sores properly and feeding her junk. Jess should also be moving around as much as possible. Back at The Mill, Kevin tells Mandy that, in his opinion, Vanessa is neglecting her child and it won’t be easy to change her behaviour. When he goes on Jess’s social networking page and sees that in every photo she’s surrounded by junk food, Mandy realises he may be right.

Also, Al is keen to distance himself when he discovers an agoraphobic patient has become obsessed with watching the comings and goings of his neighbours. However he only finds himself being dragged further into the man’s paranoid world.