Fiz and Kevin follow their respective other halves in their attempt to catch them up having an affair. Kevin feels foolish as he follows Sally and realises that she is doing her Christmas shopping, just as she said. Kevin heads home and almost catches Rosie and John in bed, but they have a narrow escape when Fiz visits Kevin to tell him that John’s alibi was genuine and convinces Kevin to come to the pub for a drink.

David hints to Becky that Jason and Sarah’s marriage may be on the rocks and Becky is intrigued. Meanwhile, Sarah takes Gail’s advice about not driving Jason away with jealousy and she tells Jason that she trusts him wholeheartedly. David is undeterred when he discovers that Sarah and Jason have made up and it seems he may have another trick up his sleeve…

Sean continues to sulk over his disagreement with Violet and a fed-up Marcus insists that Sean make an effort to make up. Sean apologises to Violet for seeking legal advice about the baby and Violet reassures Sean that he can have a role in the baby’s life.

Also, Norris proposes to Doreen but discovers George and Ivor have as well!